Transportation to and from Vancouver

  • Skamania County Transit – Providing weekday service from Fisher’s Landing in Vancouver to Bingen and several stops along the way. 
  • C-TRAN – Providing connections to Fisher’s Landing Transit Center from almost anywhere in the Vancouver area.
  • Lyft – one way only from Vancouver or Portland to Stevenson 
  • Uber – one way only from Vancouver or Portland to Stevenson
  • Electric Vehicle Taxi -local rides and long distance within a 60-mile radius, in both Oregon and Washington
  • Gorge Taxi – taxi in Hood River and around the Gorge

Tour Operators

Gorge Guided is a network of guides and tour operators serving the Gorge region. The website includes tours by bike, air, water, and hiking/walking, as well as wine and shuttles. These guides bring local knowledge; access to experiences and community; preparedness and safety; and, of course, fun.